Our Hall of Fame: Jessica Biel
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Jessica Biel
Jessica Biel

Description: Trapped in the role of a goody-goody on a family show, Jessica Biel has missed out on the ripe teen roles in the current Hollywood market. But don't write this talented beauty off just yet.

Born Jessica Claire in March of 1982, Biel was a middle-American. She was born in Minnesota, but her family relocated to Boulder, Colorado, where she would grow up with brother, Justin.

In 1994, the IMTA Los Angeles Convention was held, but the biggest discovery of the day was Ms. Biel. She was awarded a scholarship to the Young Actors Space, a highly respected acting society in Los Angeles. Her big break, however, would come with her casting in the WB drama "7th Heaven", as Mary Camdem. The show received great critical reviews and amassed a large following.

Jessica made a lot of headlines in March of 2000 when she posed nude in Gear Magazine. The spread was very provocative, and in some areas considered taboo, as Jessica was just seventeen at the time of the shots. The interview within the article declared that Jessica was sick of her role on the family show and wanted to break out of the "good girl" mold. Part of her frustration was in being passed over for roles in films like American Beauty. In the end, Biel issued a retraction as the producers of the show (Spelling and Co.) were quite upset about the nature and implications of the article.

Jessica is currently enrolled at Tufts University.

Off the screen, Jessica is a multi-talented gal. She enjoys singing and dancing (in preparation for her Broadway roles), but also is an outdoors woman. She prefers rollerblading and mountain biking, but settles for ice skating in the winter. She also has a love of animals, raising a cat (Kit Kat) and a dog (Freckles).


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