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Description: When she first packed her bags and hit the Sunset Strip in search of cinema's Promised Land, the best gig actress Heather Graham could find was playing the girl of Corey Haim's dreams in the angst-riddled yukfest License to Drive. After spending several years as a very minor glimmer in Hollywood's galaxy of stars, however, she proved herself far more than just another heavenly body, with a knockout performance in writer-director Paul Thomas Anderson's 1997 paean to porn, Boogie Nights. As the ebullient Rollergirl, a skin-flick starlet who willingly strips down to her treasured skates, but nary a stitch further, Graham sported the only hardware in the movie more striking than the 13-inch prosthetic penis brandished by co-star Mark Wahlberg. She cemented her It-girl status with a prominent cameo in the hip slasher sequel Scream 2, and a lip-locking, tongue-tangling smooch with Friends hunk Matt LeBlanc in the big-screen remake of Lost in Space.

Quite apart from the conclusions one might draw based on her unfettered watershed Boogie Nights role, Graham was raised in a straitlaced, staunchly Catholic household: her parents once encouraged their daughter to consider entering a convent. The eldest of two children, Graham was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and grew up in different cities across the U.S. where her father's FBI job took the family. Among her fondest memories of childhood are the hours she spent watching The Partridge Family, The Brady Bunch, and Speed Racer; as she later explained to one interviewer, "I had a huge crush on Speed Racer." Graham gained her first-ever acting experience playing Dorothy in a stage production of The Wizard of Oz, and she pursued acting through her high school years at Agoura High in Southern California. By the time she graduated, her senior class had become sufficiently convinced of her abilities to vote her "most talented," and her parents had begun to drive her to Los Angeles for auditions.

Eventually, Graham decided it was time to leave the nest, and she migrated to L.A. in order to more fully engage in the time-honored cinematic tradition of juggling odd jobs and waiting for her big break; her most notable bread-winning gig during this period was working as an usher at the Hollywood Bowl. Though License to Drive, released in 1988, marked her feature-film debut, her second movie, Gus Van Sant's Drugstore Cowboy, would prove the highlight of Graham's early career. Van Sant cast her in the film as a strung-out teenage drifter taken in by a trio of road-tripping, shoplifting junkies, and Graham sank her teeth into the part. Though the critics crowed and the movie became an art-house blockbuster, Graham languished in the shadow of co-star Matt Dillon, and the next couple of years found her working so sporadically that she finally enrolled at UCLA and took on an English major. By her own admission a peerless procrastinator, the would-be co-ed's interest in academia had played itself out by the end of her sophomore year, and she dropped out of school to fully resume acting.

Graham's career rebirth got off to a respectable start in 1990, when she made a small appearance alongside Kevin Kline in the Lawrence Kasdan-directed infidelity satire I Love You to Death; that same year, David Lynch cast her in a recurring role in his seminal TV series, Twin Peaks. Her next several movies, however, were little-seen flops, including Lynch's critically-excoriated adaptation of his own hit television series, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, and the ill-advised period musical Shout, which also featured a pre-comeback John Travolta and a pre-Pitt Gwyneth Paltrow.

Perhaps Graham's most intriguing performance during this period came off-camera, when she engaged in a six-month-long May-December love affair with actor James Woods, whom she'd met on the set of 1992's Diggstown. By one account, Woods, who was exactly twice her age at the time, first took a shine to his fresh-faced co-star when he spotted her thumbing through a dog-eared copy of Dostoevsky's The Brothers Karamazov, a prized possession from her days at UCLA. Exactly what made the attraction mutual even Graham ended up at a loss to express; as she later recalled, "That was one of those relationships you look back on and say, 'What was I doing?' He's a very interesting man, but it's hard to imagine I dated him."

Though she rebounded somewhat with small roles in the indie hits Six Degree of Separation (Will Smith's debut feature film) and Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle, it wasn't until 1996 that Graham got her next substantial break. Fellow Milwaukee native and buddy Jon Favreau offered her a small role in Swingers, a breezy little comedy he'd written about the trials of young, unemployed actors looking for love. Swingers became one of the biggest surprise hits of 1996, and Graham, cast as the dream-girl who rescues Favreau from a run of bum luck and failed relationships at the end of the movie, became a hot commodity. She landed a potent one-two punch the next year with Boogie Nights and Scream 2, and 1998's Lost in Space continued her winning streak. She nabbed a starring role in one of summer 1999's most wildly anticipated sequels, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, and hot on its heels came Steve Martin's sharpley observed Hollywood satire Bowfinger, in which Graham played an exceedingly opportunistic starlet.

In her personal life, Graham recently ended a long-standing relationship with actor Ed Burns. Though she's abandoned her Catholic roots, she regularly practices Transcendental Meditation, and in addition to her film work, has a modeling contract with Emanuel Ungaro.





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